On decorating

My new room’s* usable!! 🙂

After weeks of shopping, drawing, discussing, clearing out, cutting, painting, and washing every flat surface numerous times, my new “creative corner” is usable 🙂

Notice how I didn’t say finished… There’s still a whole lot to be done. Things like putting pictures up, buying a rug, putting up (read: sweet talking the DB into putting up) some shelving for my stuff, joining the extension lead(/power strip??) to the wall etc etc etc…

But it’s usable.

I’m sitting on my new second hand chair at my new desk, writing my meister projekt this post on my laptop with a huge new second hand screen that you can turn sideways (if you can figure out how to make it talk to your laptop). Behind me is the standing lantern and in front of me is an original retro bendy lamp. My desk has a hole for the cables and there are amazing wonky shelf-boxes on the wall.

Today is another good day.


*I’m moving house soon, which is upsetting because it means leaving my amazing old house behind, but cool because I’m moving in with DB and because new things are just generally cool 🙂

On a roll

I have a new job!! 🙂

I start in February 🙂 Gives me time to move house, go skiing and visit my folks before people expect great things of me 😉 and that in spite of being stuck in the current job until Christmas.

Actually, that’s not bad either – it means I get paid Christmas money on top of my usual salary and there’s never much work on in December because everyone’s too busy partying 😉 (Glass Things still get broken, just not the sort I have to fix)

And the powers that be are going to write me a super reference 🙂

And my Meisterstück is finished and I passed at least 2 of the 5 theory exams – the other 3 haven’t been marked yet… Just got to finish the project and sit the practical exam…

And the DB’s marmy is cooking for us tonight to celebrate my new job 🙂

Things couldn’t be better at the moment 🙂

On quitting

🙂 Yesterday I handed in my notice 🙂

🙂 I have to work ’til the end of the year but come January I’m a free woman 🙂

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

On solidarity and other fragile things

I used to think solidarity was a good thing.. you know, back in the days of people helping each other and that kind of good thing.

A string of recent events have caused me to rethink this long-standing opinion…

I’m working on my masterpiece. We were allowed to start in the middle of August, and have to be finished in the middle of November.

I chose a pretty hard thing to make, because masterpieces are supposed to be impressive, aren’t they.

I had pretty high expectations and aims for how awesomely amazing this Glass Thing was going to look, and how awesomely amazing I would feel having made it.

2 and a half months later…

…I have made [and shredded] at least 10 would-be-masterpieces and several more half-baked attempts.

Each one has died a different death.

Every time I get anywhere, something breaks, and everything else decides it wants to break too in some kind of sympathetic suicide mission, and I’m left with a pile of sparkling glass shards.

Tomorrow, I think, hope and pray to get at least one, better 2 masterpieces completed.

My original goal of perfection has turned into wanting it to stay in one piece…

This almost sums it up.

On cross pollination

Someone out there appears to have been meddling.

I haven’t found out who they are, but I’ve found the result of their work.

What exactly they were trying to achieve is a little bit unclear, and how they got there is beyond mind-boggling, but there you go.

I present you….

…the leopard-slug!


(or in this case leopard-slugs, since they were playing monkey-tag at the time of the photo)

Habitat: damp pavements and steps

Hobbies: monkey-tag

Size: 10 – 15cm long, 1 – 2cm thick

I’ve seen them a couple of times now, and meant to publish them earlier, but better late that never…