On arriving early to interviews

This was a comment on a post about arriving early to interviews. I decided it’s almost worthy of it’s own post, so I’m giving it one πŸ™‚

I arrived half an hour early to my last one too.. Only I then spent 25 minutes trying to work out if I was in the right building (I foolishly asked someone and was directed to a different building which I duly walked around until I met someone else I could ask and was shown back to the original building) and finding the right door. I also went to the gents because my mind can’t deal with translating pictograms when it’s preparing to be interrogated. I only realised it WASN’T a ladies loo until I was on my way out and noticed the urinals, by which time it was too late to do anything about it but walk away in my most invisible way..

When I was finally convinced I was in the right place, I found and sat on a conveniently placed bench – within view of the door but not actually on the doorstep – and dug out my phone in an attempt to distract myself for 5 minutes. An overly helpful lady appeared from nowhere, asked me if I was there for the interview and promptly bashed on the door to tell them I was there. My interviewer came out to tell me he wasn’t finished yet and pointed me towards the bench.

I sat down and got my phone out..

On overnight cake-baking

“A work colleague (a nice one) and I are going to visit a super-glassblower for a couple of days and be shown how to do clever things with glass. I want to bring him and his family a cake to thank him for his time and for organising the whole thing.”

I did it! πŸ™‚ I made and decorated a cake and carted on and off multiple trains before presenting it to him πŸ™‚


He was very impressed, even if he did think I’d ordered it. When I told him I’dΒ made it myself he was even more impressed πŸ™‚



I’ll add a picture soon.

On First-Person Problems

“This problem only exists because I think it does”

Problems are pretty much a given when one’s alive. The way you look at them can change them into more major or minor problems.

The particular sort I mean are the sort of problems other people might want to exchange for their own.

Problems like the ones the “first-world-problems” memes are full of…. Only not necessarily related to the first-world/wealth/status.

The reverse of the problem is probably more acknowledged as a ‘real’ problem, but the affected person doesn’t care. They’re bothered by their problem. I suffer from this all the time ;).

(Examples could be things like: not knowing which of many friends to invite to a sleepover (because the floor’s only so big) versus sitting by yourself in the playground, having too much choice when buying milk versus discovering lactose intolerance and not being able to drink any at all, or having several of your male friends fall for you at once versus waiting patiently to be noticed… etc etc etc …)

This is my definition. There may already be a better definition out there. If anyone knows it, please let me know.

Also, as N says:

You might think you have more -and bigger- problems than anyone else, but maybe it’s just because you know about 100% of your own problems and only <20% of theirs.

On writing Revision Cards

I have decided to be super organised.

Not as organised as I said I would be in October, but still a good sight better than I sometimes am.

I have exams in the last week of July.

My last ‘block’ (46-50 hours of lessons) is the first week of July.

Usually I would finish the last block, realise I’m 2 weeks away from the exams and panic – locking myself away from the world and living on frozen (and baked) pizza.

This time I have decided to revise all the things I’ve learned in the last 3 blocks, so that I know ‘everything’ πŸ˜‰ by the end of June. That way I only have to revise the new stuff in the 2 middle July-weeks (thus locking myself away from the world for 2 months instead of 2 weeks ;)).

Having done a lot of exams to get this far, I know I revise best when I get to talk lots ;).

I’m not such a fan of talking to myself so I need people to help me.

I need people to find their way into a subject they most likely have less than no idea about.

I need people to ask me relevant questions and be patient with me while I squirm about on my seat working out what they want to know.

I need people who are willing to try and work out what I mean when I finally have an answer, and to decide if it fits the question.

Because most of my questioning-victims aren’t so well versed in Glass-Theory, and because my school-notes are a huge mess of brightly coloured scribbles and arrows, I’m going through them and writing the most important things onto A7 cards. I’m even making it easier for them by writing a question on one side and the condensed answer on the back.

Now they just have to be able to convert my squiggles into writing and add the correct grammar.. πŸ˜›

That’s the plan anyway.

The practice looks a little different.

I can’t concentrate enough to actually write the stoopid things..

Even knowing I have to finish writing by Tuesday doesn’t help me much.

It’s Sunday. That gives me the rest of today and 2 more days.

2 more evenings really, because I work until 5pm.

I have such a short deadline because I don’t actually want to lock myself away for 2 months. I want to continue to do all the things I love doing and be able to read the cards in the gaps. There aren’t many gaps as it is, but I want to be able to use the ones life throws at me, even if they’re short ones. It’s amazing how many A7 cards you can read in 5 minutes.

It’s also amazing how few you can WRITE in the same timeframe.

It’s practically the end of May already. Here are [some of] the things I want to get done round my revision:

A work colleague (a nice one) and I are going to visit a super-glassblower for a couple of days and be shown how to do clever things with glass. I want to bring him and his family a cake to thank him for his time and for organising the whole thing.

I’m going to spend 8-9 days on a boat with another glassblower. I will hopefully not only learn to drive a motorboat, get through [canal]locks, and sleep while bobbing about on the water, but also find time to learn the stuff I’ve written on the cards. I do have the added bonus of a questioner-with-background-knowledge though :).

2 lovely ladies from school are coming to see me and my town. I really want to have loads of time for them and show them all my favourite places and introduce them to my favourite people so I don’t want to be revising then.

My mum, my gran, my [parents’] house and my [parents’] garden are celebrating assorted birthdays and anniversaries so I’m going home to celebrate them. None of them speak German so the cards would be useless even if I found willing victims.

And then it’s the beginning of July and I’m back in school.

I’d better get back to the books/cards I guess…


On turning down, turning off and turning up

Okay, so I’m [most probably] going to sound either incredibly stuck up or incredibly naiive for the next paragraph or two.. please bear with me.


I got a phonecall from my skiing teacher a couple of weeks ago.

He said he’d just got in from a day of skiing and asked if I wanted to go for a couple of days the weekend after next (= this one ;)). He figured I was the only one crazy enough to want to go skiing enough to put up with MORE snow/winter.

I thought that was a fantastic idea and said we should invite D (my ski-partner) because he was bound to be interested (and crazy) too. I was being given a lift into town by a friend I don’t see often and who I wanted to talk to, so we agreed to plan the skiing later.

In the meantime I sent D an email. He was as enthusiastic as I’d imagined.

Last weekend we talked about skiing.

Turns out my SkiTeacher wasn’t just thinking about skiing when he invited me. A happy threesome wasn’t what he’d pictured either (thankfully, I suppose…).

He was jealous of D, unhappy with me automatically inviting other people to what he’d hoped would be a chance to “get to know me better” (his words). He suggested (stroppily) that we (D and I) go together because he didn’t just want to be our chauffeur. That I really just wanted to ski and thought D might too wasn’t a possibility in his mind.

He’s a great teacher, and also one of those people I really like spending time with off the piste, but I couldn’t imagine having a relationship with him. Especially since he’s one of my ex’s best friends, and has just about (more-or-less) finished breaking up with his girlfriend of 4 years (very messy, been going on since about July).

A couple of strained conversations later, we decided to abandon the whole skiing idea, freeing him up to go to a birthday party he would otherwise have passed on. I didn’t exactly turn down the skiing, so much as him as a person.

When D asked what the plan was, I bent the truth a little and told him the SkiTeacher was busy. He suggested we go by ourselves instead….

Oh man.

Because that obviously wouldn’t cause further complications.

Besides, I figured I don’t have the time or the money to go skiing anyway..


It’s May.

It’s supposed to be well into spring and fast approaching summer.

Instead it’s cold, wet, cloudy and making me want to hibernate or at least turn the heating back on.

I turned it off back in March when we had a strangely warm fortnight or so. 24 degrees is nice enough to convince me I really don’t need to continue to finance the electricity company’s boss’s next holiday.

On Friday it didn’t get above 10 degrees.

Yesterday it reached the dizzy heights of 15 degrees.

Today it’s back down to 8.

It’s May.

This time next week it’s already several hours into June.

The radio told me that it’s supposed to be warm on Tuesday. The presenter told him to stop there and not say anything about the rest of the week.

Starting on Thursday I’m going to be away a lot for the next couple of months. Given that my heating takes about a week to start to have an effect, it seems a bit pointless turning it on.

I guess I’d better pull out a jumper and my blanket and get through the next few days.


I finished school in June 2005. That means I’ve been out of school for almost exactly 8 years (also, that I did my GCSEs 10 years ago, but since the rest of my year are having a reunion party without even inviting me, I don’t think it really warrants much attention…). I moved to Germany the following autumn and apart from a few months here and there have been living here ever since.

After a 5 year ‘struggle’ to make, and more importantly keep, friends during year 7 to GCSEs, it came as a major surprise to be so wholely and immediately welcomed into a group of the loveliest people in the 6th Form (I changed schools). There were enough of us to fill the ‘Small Common Room’ but the core group was practically inseperable, eating, walking, revising, partying, just generally spending time together. I especially spent time with two lovely ladies.

My group of A-Level-ites kind of broke up when everyone went off to uni (and I went to Germany) but we continued to meet up when we were all home for the holidays.These group meetings were drastically reduced when we all broke up with our respective partners and getting together became awkward. Since then we’ve all moved on, changed jobs, houses and boyfriends a couple of times..


I still keep in touch with my lovely ladies. Not especially regularly, but still enough for it to not be forced when we DO make it into the same place at the same time.

And now it’s finally time for them to come and see me in Germany.


They plan to turn up at the end of June πŸ™‚

Looking forward to it so much I’ve even started making plans a month in advance!!

πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


On partying like a German

Warning: This post contains predjudice and unfair descriptions πŸ˜‰

When in Germany, party like a German πŸ™‚

The stereotype/predjudice is that the Germans are a very serious people. I’m not sure that that’s true, they’re just incredibly orderly.

Even getting drunk and dancing on tables has to be done in an orderly fashion.

Where I live, they organise a huge festival for approximately 3 weeks twice a year.

I went yesterday.


(unfinished post snippet from 2013, posted (unchanged) on 29th July 2016 as part of a huge blog-tidying marathon…)

On ‘coincidences’ (and Berlin)

On Thursday I decided to go to Berlin.

Naja, ish.

While it is true that I decided to go, it wasn’t entirely my decision. I was invited to a meeting. The sort that it would be silly not to go to. Some of you know why, some don’t. It’s not entirely relevant. The only relevant part is that I need to be in Berlin on Thursday.

Wednesday is the 1st of May. In Germany it’s a national Holiday. I decided to take Thursday and Friday off work, get the train on Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning, go to the meeting on Thursday and spend the rest of the time being a tourist before coming home on Sunday. I’ve been in Berlin before, but only briefly and I didn’t walk around much.

On Friday I took my holiday form to the person-who-signs-holiday-forms’ secretary. She looked at it and said she was going away the same week. As the polite, interested person I am, I asked her where she was going.. I didn’t really particularly care, but it’s always good to have secretaries on your side πŸ™‚ and talking to them beyond “hello, here you are, thanks, bye” always helps.

Turns out she was going to Berlin.

AND has a spare seat in her car.

AND is willing to take me with her πŸ™‚

AND is going to bring me back with her on Sunday.


She’s leaving on Monday afternoon, so I added Tuesday to my holiday form before going to celebrate my good fortune in a beer tent πŸ™‚

I spent today on the phone. Practically everyone I know in Berlin has ‘offered’ to have me over to stay πŸ™‚

I’ve also invited to a lecture, to look round 2 glassblowing workshops and to some kind of concert/party, as well as to join in with whatever’s going on on the 1st.

Watch out Berlin – here I come!!

On social predjudice

“Why are you fun?!! You’re English!! …and I thought English girls couldn’t dance”


Gotta love Americans πŸ˜‰