On cloud cover v duvet covers*

“Good morning! The sun will rise in approximately 3/4 hour, but you won’t be able to see it until tomorrow. Today is going to be cloudy, grey and wet all day. And now for the news…”

Don’t you just love early morning radio? Makes you feel like jumping out of bed and rushing out to join the day, right?


I don’t see why I should get up and be seen if the sun’s not going to bother.
* I definitely prefer duvets to clouds… 

On napping before dinner

Sometimes I feel like a little kid.
Sometimes I don’t care.

Some days can be saved by an hour or so of undivided attention from a duvet.

Today was one of those days.
Having been undividedly attentioned by my duvet I am now ready to get up and make polite conversation over dinner.


Thank you duvet! 😉