On sunshine and my own bed! :)

Jesska’s going home, she’s going home, she’s going!!! 🙂 *

I’m armed with a plan and 4 bottles of eye drops.

I have an appointment with a doctor on holiday, and I don’t have to come in again tomorrow – WHOO!! 🙂

That’s all good news :). The not quite as good news is that I can’t get any glasses made until I’ve ‘finished healing’, so at least not for the next week, probably two. Got to love [semi] blind holidays 🙂

And I have to avoid too much sunshine………


But hey. Whatever. At least I can keep my eyes 🙂

* to the tune of Football’s coming home in case anyone missed that 😉

On walking the last miles home

It’s very strange to be walking back to somewhere that in a few hours will no longer be ‘home’.

I left the party just before midnight, walking the stretch of road from the station to my flat.

At just gone midday I was on the road with the last of my possessions on the way to Berlin.

12 hours can make a huge difference.

Even if I go back to visit, even if I get off at the same station, I can’t see any reason why I would walk that stretch of road. Even if I do, I wouldn’t be going ‘home’.