For Kate… / (January round-up)

Dear Kate (and anyone else who is under the impression that I live in a pristine house),   I think I need to point something out. My house isn’t pristine. It isn’t even close.   Okay, I have cleaned my toilet more times in January than in the last 2 years put together, and kept […]

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On crisis cleaning

< or chaos to passable in something like 40 steps > I Crisis Cleaned as mentioned in my last post. This is “how to make your house presentable in lots of hectic steps” – I’ve grouped them roughly by room/area even though they definitely weren’t done in order. It’s probably not an interesting read (unless […]


On polishing plant leaves

– Or ‘what I do with my free time’ –   Planning is overrated, pointless and a waste of time. I think I’ll give it up. I haven’t yet, but I might. It would save me a lot of bother and probably time and effort as well. Someone’s bound to ask how I’ll notice the […]

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On stubbornness

(please assume all references to ‘men’ mean people) Once upon a time there was a dirt road between 2 small villages. The villages were pretty and the fields inbetween were pretty too. A man stood in the middle of the road, between the 2 villages. He was admiring the view. Another man walked along the […]

On not sleeping…

Explain this: This morning, as on many others, I had to fight myself to get out of bed. It was so cold everywhere but under the duvet, and I snoozed and I faffed about and ended up running halfway to work, so as to be marginally less late. (My minutes of lateness seem to add […]