On Christmas cleaning

My colleague and I cleaned the workshop today. Every. Last. Inch. Of. It.

It took ALL DAY. From 9am until 5pm, with half an hour for lunch, we scrubbed and wiped and vacuumed and washed and dried and sorted and tidied…

…and decorated.

And now it looks all sparkly and clean and luffly…..and we feel justified in spending some of tomorrow playing with glass instead of working with it!


There’s a lot to be said for having a colleague with whom you can clean for 8 hours [almost] straight, without killing shouting at each other.


On vacuuming stairs

What’s the best way to vacuum a staircase??

I’ve lived away from my parents for over 9 years and I still haven’t figured it out.

For a start why are the cables always that much too short – you can’t vacuum the whole staircase without changing plugsockets. Where are you supposed to balance the vacuum while you unplug it? Or are you supposed to lug it backwards and forwards (or up and down) with you? Do you use the thin nozzle which gets in the corners but takes forever to cover the steps, or the wide head which gets the steps but not the corners, and which bashes the walls. Do you use the carpet setting or the flat flooring setting (our steps each have a piece of carpet on)?

And how do you do all that without tripping over the cable?!