On yelling

Early evening. Dark, except for a few streetlights. A couple with a dog. Walking. Behind them, at the far end of a side street 2 figures can just about be made out in the shadows. Yelling. Shouting. Mean words, angry voices. Screams. “Help!” Shrieks. “Help! Let go of me! Help! He’s going to kill me! […]

On walking not driving

DB isn’t a natural walker. He says his legs are too short. He’d rather drive. I used to walk or cycle all over the place when I lived by myself, but since moving here I have allowed myself to become lazy. Naja, as a by-product of my many problems and consequent doctors’ visits, we have […]

On walking the last miles home

It’s very strange to be walking back to somewhere that in a few hours will no longer be ‘home’. I left the party just before midnight, walking the stretch of road from the station to my flat. At just gone midday I was on the road with the last of my possessions on the way […]