On getting sentimental about cutlery and cheese graters

I’ve been here almost two years already, and, until yesterday, still had a couple of boxes in DB’s parents’ cellar.
I didn’t unpack them when I first moved in because we (DB and I) still had the crazy hopeful idea of knocking the kitchen and dining room together. One side of the wall* was already down, and adding more things to the miniature kitchen, purely in order to repack them a few weeks later seemed ridiculous.
Then DB’s parents reorganised their cellar and the boxes were buried.

I’d missed things occasionally, and always assumed they must still be in a box and tried to get by without. Mostly I missed kitchen stuff, useful things like serving spoons and lasagne bowls. Like a decent grater. Like the chopping board I also used as a cake board. Like the skewers for testing said cakes. Like the cutlery I spent months looking for before finally finding a set I liked, then deciding it was too expensive for cutlery but choosing to splash out and buy it anyway, because it felt good and I liked it and because why on earth not?! Back then, I apparently had a lot of free thinking space for thoughts about cutlery.



As I said, the move was almost two years ago, and we still have half a wall and separate kitchen and dining room and external boxes.

Perhaps the only way to encourage change is to start accepting what already IS…..


Anyway. (again)

Yesterday, we went caving (‘cellaring’??) and came back with two boxes of kitchen stuff, two boxes of clothes I probably no longer fit, an ancient flatbed scanner, a couple of towels and a cushion.

As I was unpacking, I was amazed at just how much stuff I was really happy to see again. (Also at how much stuff I’d packed expecting to unpack again soon. Things like spaghetti and cocoa powder.)

I always thought I wasn’t materialistic. I’ve generally not been bothered about second hand stuff or having the newest whatever. BUT. Apparently I have the ability to get very attached to cutlery.

I never knew a person could get attached to cutlery. I might even have worried about someone who said they were.

It still felt good to unpack it though. Really good. Like I’d been missing a part of myself and not just a handful of forks.



You can worry about me now. I won’t mind – I have my cutlery and a cheese grater!

* The wall is basically a row of wooden posts with a wooden fence on each side and with insulation in the gaps. DB and a friend took down one of the fences and took out the insulation before figuring out that they might need some way of holding the ceiling up before they could remove the posts….

On doorkeys

Is it more worrying that I try to use my house key to unlock the workshop, or the workshop key to unlock my front door???