On returning, having never left…

Hello strangers, long time no speak – where have you you been?!

This post is dedicated to Anon from random life (and anyone else who might have been wondering about me).


Hey! Yeah, it’s been ages.. 🙁

I think I’m pretty much back* now though.

I didn’t exactly go anywhere, but I wasn’t really here.

By ‘here’, I mean everywhere I usually am.

I’ve been practicing living like a modern day hermit. Hermit because of the cut-off-ness, modern because of the house as opposed to a cave.

I haven’t exactly been ill, I just haven’t felt up to doing anything more than absolutely necessary.

I’ve been looking after myself by staying away from people. Ok, that’s not quite true. I still had contact with DB and work people. I just haven’t phoned any one else up, nor have I written to them. I haven’t been out anywhere. I haven’t invited anyone over. I haven’t written here though I have occasionally read other people’s blogs.

I think /hope /wish I’ĺl be here for a while now. Over the last few weeks I’ve started breaking out of my self imposed isolation.

I want to attempt NaNoBloPoMo.

NaNoWriMo, with it’s crazy word counts, is a little bit lot hard to imagine. However. I haven’t written in ages and my head is full of things that want to be written down. I ought to manage a post every day, even if it’s a very short post.

Maybe I’ll aim for 3000 words. That’s 100 per day. That ought to be doable. I don’t usually like the word ought, but I can’t think of a better one right now.

My [multiple] previous attempts at NaNoWriMo all failed miserably. Things happen in November which don’t happen during the rest of the year; computers break, I (and about half my family) celebrate still being alive, I travel, I have exams etc.

This year, as far as I can see**, is a little bit different. It’s the most simultaneously planned and unplanned November I can remember. On the one hand I have never started thinking about Christmas so far in advance (DB is a planner) but on the other hand I’m not flying home, I’m not travelling backwards and forwards across Germany, I’m not moving house, I’m not involved in a messy break-up. I don’t have an idiot colleague to fight.

I ought to be home in the evenings and able to write. Ok, so I’m still working, celebrating and revising/learning (road theory – car and motorbike), helping let balloons fly, dog sitting and designing and making new cupboards for our bedroom. But it should be possible. Oh yeah, I have 2 articles approaching their respective deadlines too.

Theoretically I can write on the train for 10 of the 30 days. And there are weekends 🙂

I’m going to bed now, but I’m glad to be back to writing.

*No, I’m not sure how ‘pretty much back’ works either 😉

**not very far 😉