Reoccuring themes


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Bascetta Stars:

First mentioned here – finished here – step-by-step guide here


Christmas jigsaw

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Health and/or illness:

Every so often I get ill with things I never knew existed until I got them. Occasionally (=usually) I write about them.

Eyes – Keratitis:

I went into hospital a couple of days after Christmas. (Part 1 & Part 2) , and was let out on New Years’ Eve in time to fly out to Lanzarote. Once I arrived, I bought a new pair of sunglasses and a hat to survive the sun. If I went to bed early, I set an alarm to make sure I woke up again to put in eye-drops. After a week or so I was given the all-clear by a Spanish Eye-doctor. Despite being pronounced healthy, I was still unable to see properly 🙁 I ran out of eyedrops but was saved by an English Chemist. I returned to the land of the seeing after a few weeks as a mole, when I got my new glasses.


I got Daumenknochenhautentzündung from writing too much