Blowing bubbles

Like I said. I’m a glassblower. To be more specific, I’m a Scientific Glassblower. That means I make glass articles for chemistry laboratories. When I have time, I like playing with coloured glass.

After spending an hour in my workshop my brother said: “Stretching glass has to be the most unnatural thing I’ve ever done. And I’ve ridden a unicycle.”

The following posts each have something to do with glassblowing. It probably isn’t the focus though 😉

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0 thoughts on “Blowing bubbles

  1. When asked – what’s that one thing you want to do and haven’t I always say glassblowing! Maybe this is a sign 😉 How did you get into this? Is there a need for glass blowers?

  2. I watched two people blowing glass once and they looked like dancers. They were just beautiful. I’m prepared to believe they could have ridden a unicycle too–either separately or together.

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