I write about things. Sometimes. Welcome to my world.

On not exactly shopping

I went away for the weekend with a couple of friends. On the way to the beach we stopped at a supermarket. Friend 1 immediately disappeared, presumeably to search for essentials. Friend 2 peers at the trolley, looks at me: ‘So what else do we need?’ Me: ‘no idea, I’m just pushing the trolley..’ 🤷‍♀️ […]

On nearly knowing

Sometimes knowing is good. Sometimes not knowing is better. Sometimes not knowing is terrible. Sometimes knowing is. I’m not sure what kind of time this might turn out to be. I currently only know that I don’t know. This knowing-about-not-knowing is more knowing than when I didn’t even know there was something to potentially know […]

On great Customer Service

Rest-posten Laden (shop for all kinds of unsold ‘leftovers’ from other shops) Me, holding a slim white folder at the checkout: Any chance you have any more of these folders? Cashier, without really looking up: Only what’s on the shelves, sorry.. Me: Ok, no problem. Do you know if you’ll be getting any more in? […]

On living a disappointingly boring life

Among the things I don’t actually know to be scientifically proven but assume to be true based on observation, risk-addiction doesn’t appear to be genetic. Some people do a lot of crazy, scary, dangerous, adventurous, amazing, story-worthy things with their lives. Some don’t. I, unfortunately, am firmly ensconced within the second group, where I am […]

On putting out other peoples’ fires

I saw this as I was walking to the supermarket: So I went to investigate. As you do. I like fire, generally, if it’s contained and/or supervised. I don’t much appreciate fires living by themselves in my town. I stomped out the flames but didn’t have any way to do anything with the embers. So… […]

On homemade crumpets and future memories

“Thank you” he said, wrapping the second tissue around the small stack of slightly soggy crumpets. “That’s really sweet of you.” He looked at me, “this is the sort of thing I’ll still remember in 10 years..” He paused and looked briefly at his feet before looking up again, “..I wonder what I’ll be remembered […]