On pancakes

Some say you have to share bread and wine with people if you want them to remember you..

I reckon making them pancakes comes a pretty close second 🙂

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        1. Lemon and sugar 🙂 🙂
          Or applesauce and cinnamon
          Or jam
          Or mushrooms/cheese/ham/a mixture of all three 🙂
          Or leftover spaghetti sauce

          Actually… depending on what I have, what mood I’m in and the company I have, I’ll put anything on a pancake that I’d put on bread 🙂

          I’m not a big Nutella fan 99% of the time.. that equates to about 3 days a year that I can be bothered with it at all.. but on one of those days I am liable to eat it with a spoon 😉

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