On sleepovers


There were 3 [already] in the bed and the fourth one said; “stuff that for a laugh, I’m going to sleep on the sofa”

I was going to swap with her, but she wouldn’t let me. I had quite a guilty conscience until this morning when I realised she was the only one for the 4 of us who’d got anything like enough sleep…

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    1. Tsk tsk… we were there to SLEEP… We didn’t much because 2 of us were ill and spent the night snuffling/coughing/sneezing. Also, sharing a duvet – even a huge, bigger-than-usual, double duvet – between the 3 of us turned out to be more of a problem than anticipated!

      At 5am after a normal workday, an evening of ski-prep and a party, I was more interested in being horizontal and dead-to-the-world than what gender they were or what they looked like.. (Don’t know about you, but when I sleep, I have the light off and my eyes shut, so it wouldn’t matter anyway ;)) I suppose them being total strangers would’ve changed my liberalness, but then I would probably not have spent the evening (or been at the party) with them..

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