On First-Person Problems

“This problem only exists because I think it does”

Problems are pretty much a given when one’s alive. The way you look at them can change them into more major or minor problems.

The particular sort I mean are the sort of problems other people might want to exchange for their own.

Problems like the ones the “first-world-problems” memes are full of…. Only not necessarily related to the first-world/wealth/status.

The reverse of the problem is probably more acknowledged as a ‘real’ problem, but the affected person doesn’t care. They’re bothered by their problem. I suffer from this all the time ;).

(Examples could be things like: not knowing which of many friends to invite to a sleepover (because the floor’s only so big) versus sitting by yourself in the playground, having too much choice when buying milk versus discovering lactose intolerance and not being able to drink any at all, or having several of your male friends fall for you at once versus waiting patiently to be noticed… etc etc etc …)

This is my definition. There may already be a better definition out there. If anyone knows it, please let me know.

Also, as N says:

You might think you have more -and bigger- problems than anyone else, but maybe it’s just because you know about 100% of your own problems and only <20% of theirs.

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