On arriving early to interviews

This was a comment on a post about arriving early to interviews. I decided it’s almost worthy of it’s own post, so I’m giving it one 🙂

I arrived half an hour early to my last one too.. Only I then spent 25 minutes trying to work out if I was in the right building (I foolishly asked someone and was directed to a different building which I duly walked around until I met someone else I could ask and was shown back to the original building) and finding the right door. I also went to the gents because my mind can’t deal with translating pictograms when it’s preparing to be interrogated. I only realised it WASN’T a ladies loo until I was on my way out and noticed the urinals, by which time it was too late to do anything about it but walk away in my most invisible way..

When I was finally convinced I was in the right place, I found and sat on a conveniently placed bench – within view of the door but not actually on the doorstep – and dug out my phone in an attempt to distract myself for 5 minutes. An overly helpful lady appeared from nowhere, asked me if I was there for the interview and promptly bashed on the door to tell them I was there. My interviewer came out to tell me he wasn’t finished yet and pointed me towards the bench.

I sat down and got my phone out..

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