On Kindergarten Windows

I love how creative kids are. I love the different interpretations of a task, “draw a butterfly, colour it in and cut it out”. All the butterflies are different and that’s fantastic. I think it’s brilliant when the stuff the kids make gets put up on the walls or the windows.

Today the train I was on went past a kindergarten.

I was appalled.

The windows were obviously supposed to be chic.*

The butterflies were arranged by the colour of the paper they’d been cut out of. Each window was a different colour.. red butterflies, yellow butterflies, green, blue, purple… That wouldn’t’ve been so bad, and might even have been very effective, if the butterflies had all been individual and facing in different directions. Instead, each window had 7 identical butterflies** in the exact same “random” pattern.

5 identical windows.

And that in a kindergarten.


* Or the Kindergarten ‘teacher’ had OCD…

** okay, to be fair, I couldn’t see the other side of the window. Maybe they were beautiful. Maybe they were very small children and had been given the pre-cut butterflies to colour in…

Who knows..

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