On who I am and where I’m going.

That’s approximately the first assignment in the zero to hero series. Most of the info is known to the people who read my ramblings regularly, but putting it all in one post seemed like an easy post 😉

I am:
– 27 years old
– a glass blower
– a girlfriend to the bestest DB
– English
– a German speaker
– the oldest and shortest of three children
– a Christian
– a stone thrower
– Jesskawrites…..
…….and this is my blog about not throwing stones (and occasionally about glass or snow or any number of unrelated other things).

I’m going:
– to spend the weekend skiing
– to move to Berlin when I get back
– to use moving house as THE opportunity to become an organised person 😉
– to resit my practical glassblowing exam at the end of January
– to paint my entire flat before I can move out, collecting something like £1000 as I go past my landlady
– to start work in February
– to learn to drive at some point after that
– to [hopefully] set up a company making small Glass Things
– to write more often.

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