On the train to work

Today is my first ‘proper’ day at work in Berlin.

(I went to talk to everyone and sort out my workbench last week, but I couldn’t start until my insurance came through. One of them still hasn’t, but I can’t really push my starting date further back than it already is…….)

The journey there is about 50 minutes on 3 trains. Plus the drive to the station and the walk to the workshop. I have a ‘half day’ contract, but work whole days to make it worth the commute.

The first train was full before I got on it, and my stop is only the second or third! The second was slightly better and I even got a seat :).

I’ve just got off the third train and am going to be early to work because I got the connection before the one I was aiming for :).

I feel quite sorry for my reputation – it must be wondering what went wrong! It tried it’s best to make me late, but I won ( = am winning so far). I left the washing in the machine last night, but because it was mostly chunky things I could hang it up really quickly. Then I couldn’t find my pre bought ticket. But I had enough money for a new one (and then found my old one in the car), I didn’t miss a train or a stop and it isn’t even raining! Today has to be a good day!!

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