On Lent, Müsli and the things one does for love

Today is the first day of lent.

I am fasting sugar. Except of course when it happens to be in my Müsli. I bought/mixed a huge potfull* a couple of weeks ago without thinking, and can’t justify having to buy more to a guy who doesn’t get lent any more than I get Ramadan.

I’m also unpacking boxes, hopefully one (or more) a day. They might not keep the doctor away, but it might help the DB keep his sanity :).

* pretty good stuff, loads of oats, occasional raisins, nuts, bits of assorted dried fruit, crunchy bits of….uh, something crunchy, tiny chocolate sprinkles, and some of those horrible dried banana slices. I didn’t choose them, they came in one of the packets.

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          1. Ha, I did something similar during one of my diets where I didn’t eat processed foods – like a caveman diet. Worked well, in fact so well my body thinks sugar is some sort of drug. I eat very few sugary things nowadays. I still enjoy them though!

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