On finding time to be critical

…especially of others.

Can someone please tell me how that works?

I have enough things of my own to work on, I don’t have time to go about finding fault with other people. (Except if they happen to be taking a bike on an overfilled train).

This doesn’t seem to apply to the rest of the world. They are mostly more than willing to inform me exactly what they think of my life and the way I live it.

I make a huge number of mistakes. I am late to a huge number of places. I miss trains and busses and the occasional plane. I don’t always wash up within 5 minutes of finishing my meals. I have been known to leave clothes on the floor and spend an afternoon staring out of the window instead of whatever I was meant to be doing. I am aware of all these things.

Mostly I know what I do wrong, or not well enough. Mostly it doesn’t help me (or anyone else) if people point out what I ought to have done, where I ought to have been or when I ought to have been there. It especially doesn’t help if they shout at me.

If you are a shouty sort of person, please shout somewhere else. Preferably where I can’t hear you.

Also throwing things. Please don’t do that either. Even if you aren’t throwing them at me. In the words of a primary school teacher: don’t do that, I don’t like it.


Besides, the temper-tantrum look doesn’t suit you….

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