On decorative pillows/cushions

You know, the sort that people arrange on their beds in pictures of fancy bedrooms.

Can somebody tell me what they’re for?


And what they do with them when they want to sleep.

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  1. Hahaha! I love lots of cushions on my bed but my husband asks the same question: what do you do with them?? Oh well, to each his own :p

      1. Hide ? When you’re in no mood to deal with housework, guests or family, you hide in your mountain of decorative cushions and no one thinks to look there!

    1. Me??! No, I’m too lazy. I don’t think I could handle the extra work involved in that much decoration. I mean, I could just about understand someone putting them on a guest bed. They might even be useful as a deterrent – so piles of other things don’t get left on it. I just don’t get the point of them on a bed you use regularly.

      I make my bed when I get out of it. Since about a year ago, I even have a bedspread to go over the whole thing. That took a while to get my head round, but DB wanted one. It took a while but I’ve come round to the idea that double beds do somehow look more ‘made’ when there’s one unbroken expanse of cloth. (Here in Germany, most couples have 2 single duvets instead of a bigger one to share).

      I can’t imagine a world in which I get up earlier in order to rearrange the decorative pillows and cushions before work, especially when I’d also need some kind of basket to put them all overnight….

      I like things to look good, but I also like them to be useful and/or practical. A bit like a condensed William Morris (“only keep things you know to be useful or believe to be beautiful”).


      Do you have any?

    1. Hehe!! I’m bound to fall over them on the way to the loo if I threw them on the floor…

      Can you imagine the owners of House&Garden homes having pillow fights? ; p

          1. A full blown Hollywood mansion – will you loan me yours? 🙂 Failing that, I would like something full of light, and NEW. I live in an old weatherboard house and the upkeep is continuous.

          2. Sure! No worries! (That’s Ozzie-ish, right?)

            What’s weatherboard? Never heard of it *Googles* Ooh! We have that too! But only on the ends under the roof. Does that make sense? The rest (quasi the ground floor) is rendered. We need to do something about our wood soon too, before it rots 🙁 What do you paint yours with? And do you sand it first? We’re thinking of putting a new layer on top of what’s already there…

            My old flat was a lot lighter – much bigger windows – but also cost more to heat in winter.

            I wouldn’t need a whole mansion, though I would like another couple of rooms with straight walls. Sloped ceilings are all very well if you are minimalistic and don’t need to store anything!

          3. add “mate” after that first sentence and you would pass ;).

            I paint mine with a good quality brand water-based paint. Suposed to last 10 years, but i get quite severe weather on the back part of my house and usually have to repaint every 3 or so. Basically I am lazy when painting and don’t do the prep I should before putting on the coats (maybe why I have to repaint the back so often).
            A heat gun strips back old paint quite quickly, just make sure not to burn the wood!

          4. I usually buy a scraper and do as much as I can, then just whack bib blobs of paint over it, as I said, I’m lazy with painting. 🙂

  2. Your brother has an amazing decorative pillow that your mother made him. Every time I look at it I am overwhelmed with jealousy that someone could make something quite so amazing.

    We leave it on the sofa.

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