On birthday food

This is the cake from the inside:


This is the tray of potatoes, carrots, onions and, most importantly, parsnips ready for roasting:


They were SO very good, the steak was a little bit unnecessary – but who turns down a steak when they’re offered one??! It was a very good steak too.

Here are the posh new christmassy tablemats (plus flowers and my new clock):


– It goes anticlockwise, because the Brits drive on the ‘wrong’ (!?) side of the road…

0 thoughts on “On birthday food

    1. Hehe! Going to my mum’s for dinner is something like an 18 hour journey… But I’m going back for Christmas 🙂
      The food was really good – I bought ‘proper’ veggies from a local veggie shop, instead of the supermarket (where I usually get them – because I’m lazy..) and they are just so much better. I will have to get my act in gear and make an effort to buy real veg more often.
      Birthdays are good things to have 🙂 I recommend it!

  1. Your comment about the new clock made me LAUGH! Anti-clockwise because the Brits drive on the wrong side of the road. I’m still cracking up! Happy (late) birthday. Looks like you spent it alone. 🙁 Lovely table scape you have there.

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