On temperature

Temperature is a funny thing.

Winter has just about reached Berlin. It’s something like -1′ in the mornings when I walk to work from the station.

I spent most of the day shivering. The workshop was freezing, despite the flames and the fact thatthe window was newly wedged shut with a borrowed door stopper.

The guy I work with said he hadn’t thought of me as such a wuss.

When I finally got home this evening I was still cold. DB suggested I had a hot bath to try and defrost myself.

So I did.

DB took one look at me when I came out of the bathroom and sent me to bed with a hot water bottle.

I usually object to him wanting to sleep with the window open when it’s so cold, so he left it shut and turned the heating on.

It’s unusually warm now.

I’m lying in bed wondering how long it will take to be thoroughly cooked.

I don’t much fancy being cooked..

Probably a good thing DB opened the window and turned the heating back off for me again, really….

(Yes, he has a hard life and needs lots of sympathy ;))

Good night peeps.

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  1. It sounds to me like your sick. If you are talking about temps outside of the body, I do like to crack the window open and keep an extra blanket or two on the bed with a good husband.

    1. Hmm, I thought I might be, but I was pretty much ok today, so I’m not sure.

      I have an incredibly warm boyfriend. I don’t know how anyone can produce that much extra heat but it certainly has advantages! 😉

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