On borrowing books

Don’t do it if you’re planning to move house any time afterwards.
Make sure both you and the person you’re borrowing from write down what the book’s called.

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  1. Call me greedy, call me stingy, but I love my books and movies. I DO NOT loan them out, for fear of either never getting them back, or getting them back in a condition that is less than what it was when loaned. I used to be pretty generous, but I love my books, and after having so many not returned, or damaged, I just put a halt to it. I am no longer a lending library…lol. 😀
    So, in that mind frame, I never ask to borrow from others. If I want to read something bad enough, I’ll go buy it…lol.
    However, I saw someone somewhere on the interwebz who had a very clever idea…when you borrow something from someone, or they borrow from you…take a pic holding the item. You’ve got proof, and you know what it was…lol.

    Hope you get it sorted! 😀

  2. My books are scattered across the country. Some have moved house with their borrowers multiple times. Maybe one day they’ll return, but if not it’s only a book and knowing me it cost £1.49 from Oxfam. More often than not, when someone returns one I’m often like ‘wow, I’d forgotten I owned this, you know, I bet XYZ would love this book’.

    However, I rarely repeat read so I’m not overly precious about most books.

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