On Mondays, medicines and some navel gazing

New Year, New Habit?

No way. Too much work.

New Year, New Hobby?

Na, I was just getting good at last year’s – better stick with that for a while.


Mondays have a bad reputation. They don’t seem to care too much about it though, preferring to carry right on with what got them their reputation in the first place.


Today was Monday. The first Monday of the year. The 5th day of the year. Most people who make and break new year resolutions still haven’t got as far as breaking them yet.

Apparently Monday isn’t like those people. Either it doesn’t make resolutions at all, or it breaks them before breakfast.


Today I spent the morning in A and E.

I couldn’t sleep on Friday night, because I was running back and forth between the bathroom and the bedroom. (When DB woke up in the early hours of Saturday, he very wisely brought me a hot water bottle which at least kept the bed warm while I wasn’t in it). Saturday wasn’t much better, but by Sunday evening I thought I was well again.

Turns out I had another Think coming.

This morning I got up and ached. All. Over. But mostly my sides and lower back.

I’m fine, I thought. I can deal with a bit of aching I thought. I haven’t got much choice anyway, it being Monday and the first day back at work and all, I thought.

‘Yeah right’, thought Monday, ‘you’re on’.


The aching increased during the drive to work, but the heated seat worked wonders and I only wimpered a bit [of a lot]. Shame I couldn’t take it into the office with me really.

I was still ‘fine’ an hour later (in a hold-your-breath-and-grit-your-teeth kind of way); I could handle talking Business with the boss as well as dealing with the pain and remembering to breathe…

…until I wasn’t and couldn’t.

I excused myself and went upstairs to the loo in the hope it would clear my head. I can’t think properly if I need to pee at the best of times, and that wasn’t one of them. I don’t think I’ve ever hurt so much. Ever.

(On a side note. Way back when I had my wisdom teeth removed, a friend of mine picked me up from the OP. Back at her house, her boyfriend told me to treasure and appreciate the pain because I’d never feel it again. I didn’t really appreciate his advice, but then again, I also didn’t take any of the tablets they gave me. My jaw hurt for a week, but I’m pretty sure I would take a week of wisdom teeth removal recovery over another round of this morning’s efforts any day.)


20 minutes or so later they found me lying on the floor outside the ladies resting my feet on the wall in my effort to first aid myself.

After being administered with painkillers, gummi bears and about half a pint of water, I staggered back downstairs, crying and trying not to either fall over or be sick.*

It didn’t take long until I was the centre of a medium sized crowd. People who had dropped in to wish us all health in the new year paused when they got to me and said it looked like I needed it. I was brought a chair and ordered to sit still while I waited for my doctor to be phoned, for my backpack to be fetched, for the car key to be found…..


Once we got to A and E (my doctor had said it was much more sensible to go straight there), the painkillers had started working. I was still shivering, and lurching instead of walking, but I’d managed to stop crying, and just being alive didn’t hurt nearly as much.

They took my temperature, measured my blood pressure and stole blood and urine. I really don’t envy some people 😉 I am thankful for them and the work they do though. Other people prodded me, ‘lightly’ punched my sides, examined my stomach and typed Important Things into computers.

By the time they let me out a couple of hours later, I was feeling so much better (3 cheers for painkillers) and was seriously considering going back to work. When I told DB, he was totally against the idea. So against the idea in fact, that he not only took me home, he also took the afternoon off work to look after me. Ain’t that awesome :).

I am now lying in bed with a pile of prescription drugs on the bedside table, a heap of half full water bottles on the floor and a list of results to take to the doctor on Wednesday/Thursday/whenever she has time for me….

Ok Monday, you win 😉


* I was successful on both counts btw.

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  1. I’m sorry to learn that you have been really ill and in so much pain. Hope you are getting better as each day passes. Your DB is marvelous. Taking the time off from work to nurse you through the bad part.

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