On compost heaps and Peruvian chickens

“Wherever you go, you can collect all kinds of plants to take home for your compost heap, unless you’re really busy doing other stuff – like looking after Peruvian chickens* for example.”
– The Voice of Authority in my dream.

Apparently dreams are your brain’s way of processing what happens during the day.

Sometimes, when I wake up from such a bizzarre dream, I wonder just what part of my day/life needs sorting out.


A dream with such a distinctive message has to be good for something, however weird, so I asked Google.

The only Peruvian chickens Google offered me were either roasted or fighting. The chickens in my dream were more alive and less spicy than in the pictures, but totally uninterested in fighting.

I didn’t find that particularly helpful. On the other hand, I had no idea Peruvian Chicken were a thing at all until I looked it up.

To be honest, I didn’t know Peruvian was a word either, so I suppose overall it was an informative dream.

Now to bring back armfuls of exotic plants for my compost heap…

0 thoughts on “On compost heaps and Peruvian chickens

    1. Awesome 🙂 I suppose I must’ve heard it somewhere, in oder for it to be in my head, but I have no idea when or where, and certainly never used it.

      Are the chickens hard to look after? So hard that a person would be forgiven for neglecting their compost heap?

        1. I’ve never looked after one. The English ones were ok 🙂 (except for the cockerels – they were a bit scary).

          Peruvian chicken seems to be a way of cooking them rather than a species..

  1. You crack me up! You have an advantage here. I don’t remember my dreams after I wake. Not even enough to Google about them 😀 Thank you for the chuckle to start my day off right!

    1. 🙂 I remember a lot of mine, at least for a few minutes when I wake up. For some reason, I tend to re-remember them when I get back into bed the following night. I think they must get stuck in my pillow…… 😉

  2. One of my favorite Shawn Colvin songs (about breaking up) says, “Well at least you got a song out of it!” Even if it doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense at the moment, at least you got a post out of it! Nice to meet ya!

    1. Haven’t heard the song (will look it up) but yes – at least I got a post out of it 🙂
      Do you think it will make more sense soon?

      Nice to have you here 🙂

      1. Shawn Colvin is awesome, so definitely check her out! Don’t stop at that song, Monopoly…it is kinda sad. There are lots of happy songs! 🙂 Don’t try to make sense of your dream… it will come! Enjoy!

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