On white Toblerone

Awesome stuff.


DB’s folks came back from their holiday this week*.

They are firm believers in bringing back presents.

I am apparently difficult to buy I’ve-been-on-holiday presents for. I don’t drink (much), smoke or wear perfume (much).

Last time, I got a fridge magnet with very small photos of the island on – like a miniature magnetic postcard.

This time however, they brought me chocolate 🙂 much better than fridge magnet postcards 🙂 :). Not just any chocolate either, Toblerone chocolate. TWO bars (the huge ones you pretty much only see at airports), one normal and one white.

The pile of ordinary Toblerone was apparently 3 miles high, whereas the white bars were almost all taken. DB’s mum had never seen white ones before, but decided that they must be ok if everyone else had bought them, and picked one up for me. Then she went back for a normal one as well in case it wasn’t good after all….

I think that was a good decision 🙂
Two good decisions, really.


Haven’t eaten Toblerone in aaaaaages, but am finding that a chunk – and they really are HUGE chunks – is enough, I don’t keep going back to the packet for “just one more” tiny square, like I usually do.

Having said that, I suppose I ought to admit that one chunk is the equivalent to almost a third of the bars I usually buy and that’s quite a few mini squares.

But hey! Who’s counting!



DB got a bottle of whiskey, and we both got a pepper mill and a salad spoon-and-fork to share.

*no, I haven’t mopped the mud/sand off the floor yet, but DB swept up the worst of it, so I think it can wait until the weekend 🙂

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