On taking time to save time

The computer guy at work spent at least three hours updating our computer and connecting us to the main server.

The idea behind the hassle is saving time when things go wrong in future – he can fix problems from his office….

It takes less than 5 minutes to walk from his office to my workshop and back again.

The mending or sorting out part presumably takes as long regardless of where he sits.

That’s 36 breakdowns required to get the time back…

0 thoughts on “On taking time to save time

  1. ah, but you are not thinking like a computer geek. Sitting in front of the computer – not being away from it doing something as worthless as walking – is what they live for.

    1. This is true šŸ˜‰ There’s something so awesome about walking in autumn though, I find it hard to believe anyone could NOT enjoy it… šŸ™‚

      To be fair, it probably will save him time in the [very] long run, because he can update all the computers at once from the comfort of his swivel chair, instead of one by one. Except they don’t need updating all that often..

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