On Christmas trees and humbugs

Happy Christmas luffly peoples 🙂


Or “Bah Humbug!”, whatever you want…


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  1. Well I will choose the Happy Christmas thanks Jesska! But I did re-read “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens just before this Christmas. I know he is going to change his “Bah..Humbug” of course, each time I re-read it, but I like it when it actually happens, and its a good reminder to focus on what, and who, is important in life isn’t it?

    1. 🙂 I love the films, the old ones and the muppets, but I haven’t watched them or read it in ages and ages and ages – must do that…
      And yes, refocusing is a good thing 🙂 it’s so easy to get caught up in all the non-important, but still apparently urgent stuff, and that sucks. ARGH. (Sorry – I’m finding it harder this year than any previous year to be joyful and merry and all the other positive Christmas words.. I’m not exactly humbugging, but I’m not Cratchetting either…..)

  2. Sorry you have been feeling like that, hope its got better by now. I was quite ‘anti-it’all” previously but then playing my Christmas music and singing along, thinking about how my family want to include me, gathering with some of them for a fun day, then visiting with others and having a lone sister in law to Christmas day dinner made me feel of the real spirit of things. Its not about ME but about how I am relating to others isn’t it? And today I was invited to another of my family’s homes for food, and best of all for a lovely bout of carol singing with them. love and laughter flowed freely as we all participated. I truly hope you felt some of the same sort of things though I understand you are away from your family just now. That’s more difficult. I hope you and DB had a happy day and will continue to have them into 2016.

    1. I spent Christmas with DB’s family – lots of food, presents and games .. but I don’t share their humour. Or many interests. They laugh at things I don’t find the least bit funny, and vice versa. They’re also more negative towards each other than I want to find normal, even though it doesn’t bother them (does that make sense?). I run out of things to say about the table decorations very quickly and struggle to find common ground…
      Overall, it was pleasant and I am very well fed and watered, but I am looking forward to spending next Christmas at home with my family 🙂

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