On the first cut

“Snip, snip!”

I stood in the bathroom, sharp sewing scissors in hand, nervously cutting the air while I worked up enough courage to make a start.

I’d spoken to DB, and he’d tried to talk me out of it, but he’d failed. I can be far more consequent than he is when I want to be, although I probably give in more often. But he can’t always win. No one can always win.

I’d had the idea for ages, but never actually done it. Other people do, and say it works for them, so I was going to find out if it would work for me too.


DB and I got our hair cut in early spring last year.

The hairdresser took a considerable weight off our heads and out of our wallets..

After tax, we would both have to work at least 4 1/2 hours to pay for an hour of her time…
(Yes, I know she still has to pay tax and rent and the electricity and water bills and all the rest, too.) I’m not sure if that says more about our wages or hers really. But anyway.

I object to being dependent on people who are only interested in looking out for themselves.

My mother has cut her own hair for years. Why shouldn’t I?


The first cut is the hardest. After that it gets progressively less scary. Luckily 🙂


To be honest, I didn’t take much off – that leaves me more scope to practise. 🙂

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  1. That’s a brave thing to do. My husband always cut his own hair using two mirrors. That bamboozles m completely,hands want to go opposite to where they should! But yes, the hairdresser does “lighten our wallets” considerably. Unfortunately my hair goes rather wild if not cut about every six weeks. BUT I am participating in this years Leukaemia Shave again, so come March I will be shorn and won’t then need a haircut for months and months! Good fro me and good for the Leukaemia Foundation.

    1. Is that brave? I’d say you shaving it all off is about 30,000 times braver 🙂 And a whole lot more awesome 🙂 Good for everyone – not only you, Claudette and the foundation, but also for me because it makes me remember that I could be more grateful for having hair to complain about! ;). I couldn’t work with two mirrors, it’s hard enough with one! I cheated a bit (see what I wrote to N.).

    1. And if I tell you how I cheated? I wet my hair, turned my head upside down (like when you tie it up), brushed it and let it do its typical rats tail thing. Then I cut the same amount off all the tails (only about 4-5cm, I didn’t measure ;)). That way I could see what I was doing, and I could basically copy the shape/length from before. Still scary the first time you close the scissors though 😉

  2. Since I shaved last year I have just been running the clippers over mine to keep it short – love not having to go to the hairdresser (which I never did much anyway). I’m looking forward to the shave again in March – so again no need for a hairdresser for a long time. 🙂

    1. Wow, you two keep getting more awesome! I can’t imagine having my hair that short (dear universe, please don’t take that as a challenge) but I am glad that it works for you and benefits the leukaemia foundation 🙂
      I actually enjoy having people play with my hair, so I quite like hairdressers, I just don’t enjoy it enough for it to warrant that kind of money! As long as it’s long enough to make mistakes and not have them be so instantly noticeable, I think I’ll do it myself. I only ever tie it all up anyway 🙂

      1. I do envy people with long hair, but I haven’t had long hair for over 18years. When I did it was curly, but very fine. I tried long wigs last year for a bit of fun, but it is just not the same as you can’t really put it up without disclosing that fact that it is a wig. Anyway, i am very grey now and can’t dye my hair because of a horrendous reaction many years ago, so short and silver is my style now.

  3. Well – I’m only ever brave enough to cut my fringe and the bit over my ears- mostly because I wait too long to go to the hairdresser and then it has to come off now! This instant! I like your posts- humour is addictive – so I’ll hit the follow button.

    1. Hehe – braver than me 🙂 I’m only prepared to cut mine because it doesn’t show (it’s all tied up 95% of the time. Luckily I’m not a fringe person anyway). I got the scissors out for a second go this morning, another 4-5cm off – amazing how broken and split it all was 🙁 Now that I’m on a roll, it’s a shame it’s not going to grow back as fast as I cut it!
      Welcome to my world – awesome to have you here 🙂

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