On returning to the land of the seeing

I have been home from holiday for three weeks and I haven’t had the decency to keep you updated with how my eyes are.

I’m sorry.


Here’s the news:

I am now the proud owner of a pair of glasses (which I will write about soon).

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

I can seeee!!!!


I would have got there eventually, but you can thank dearlilyjune for unknowingly guilting me into writing this catch-up-post. (One I’d started and been meaning to finish for a while but not yet got round to. I could pretend I’ve been too busy, but that is only a little bit true (unless you count admiring how things have defined outlines as being busy). Also, busy is relative, and as a non-enslaved person mostly optional.) Letting her readers (and you luffly people) think I’m still [almost] blind would be a little bit like lying… although I could use her excuse and say “I’m not [over] a week late at all on this post – I’ve just been practicing at being more Silent” *grins*

Whatever. Go and see what she’s up to.


0 thoughts on “On returning to the land of the seeing

    1. Just returning the favour, and besides, that way everyone gets to read about how amazing you think I am your bid to help the hungry.

      Like I wrote, I was going to write anyway, I just let life (and DB’s critical looks when I want to waste time writing) get in the way of actually posting. Now I’m back at work I have an hour commute each way, and WordPress on my phone! I can’t use the whole hour to write because I change train twice (and there’s always such a lot of reading to do ;)) but it certainly helps. It’s not like there’s anything more useful I could be doing anyway 🙂

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