On dead flies and sherry trifle

I haven’t written lately.

You can blame Geoff from TanGental.

I don’t really have a lot of time to spare for either reading or writing when I’m at home, so I use my commute for both.

The commuting time for the whole of the last week has been taken up with reading Geoff’s book: “Dead flies and sherry trifle”.

I’ve finished now, so I can get back to writing (and reading more posts by other people).

I don’t really do book reviews, but if you have a need for a book you can’t eat read quickly enough, and/or for insights into teenage boys’ thoughts, you could do a lot worse than this :).

My verdict?
Go and see for yourselves. (You can read a chapter or three on his blog)

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  1. Reblogged this on TanGental and commented:
    There’s something quite delicious to awake to a completely unexpected post about something you’ve written. Jesska has been holed up reading Dead Flies seems. Please have a look at her blog. It’s worth of your attention peeps!

    1. Hey! You’re new! Welcome to my world 🙂
      Yes, very ouch-worthy (and cringe-worthy), and I’m glad I’m not a 19 year old boy…. must be hard work (probably no more difficult than being a 19 year old girl, but a whole lot different! :))

    1. You could look up glassblowers where you live – some give courses or do shows where you can at least blow a bubble or 2.

      Welcome to my world 🙂

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