On coming home to empty shelves

To some that would be a problem, to me it was a reason to rejoice;

I have too much stuff.

Or not enough cupboards, depending on how you view these things.

I am currently trying to revise for several exams (December) and compile a bookload of photos and old emails for my grandparents for Christmas (also December, funnily enough). It is almost impossible to do either with DB complaining about the state of the house. As much as I don’t want to care about it, he has a point.

I am now also in the process of going through boxes and boxes of paperwork, old clothes, things I’ve acumulated along the way but don’t know what to do with. I am trying very hard not to go through everything individually (next year will presumably provide rainy days too), but rather get it into some semblance of order, where it can wait to be dealt with properly.

Last week, I was given 2 boxes of file-boxes, which I hope are the answer to all my paperwork problems.

Today, I came home to two brand new, empty, shelf units/doorless cupboards to stack them in.

(A post just rescued from the end of October. I still haven’t finished sorting, so the cupboards are still partially empty :(. This weekend calls for remedial action – and lots of revision and book compilation,,because I obviously haven’t finished those either ;))

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