On definitely not getting a dog – part 1

Sporadically, DB looks at pictures of dogs currently in the dogs home. It’s a bit like a dating site; each dog has a profile picture, several additional pictures, and a list of information people may or may not consider interesting or necessary.

Occasionally, while scrolling through the pictures, he will sigh and tell me all about the unfairness of the world.

Sometimes, rarely, he will show me a picture.

Well, “rarely” until a few months ago.

Recently, finding show-and-tell worthy pictures has become increasingly more common.

In November there was a labrador puppy. Shortly afterwards there was a run of other dogs I failed to register as important.

Just before Christmas he discovered a Wolfsspitz/Keeshond, named P, who’d just been added to the dog-dating list. That’s the breed he grew up with, and the breed his father still has. His father’s dog, C, is ill. He has some kind of problem with his heart which causes him to have seizures. DB can’t imagine his dad without a dog, and suggested he adopt P. That way C could help her settle in and, in turn, she (P) could help his dad deal with C’s inevitable death.

DB’s dad was originally against the idea of getting a new dog, mostly because he’s not sure he’ll outlive another one, partly because he says C isn’t dead yead, and might hold out a couple more years yet… 

When he saw the pictures he slowly started changing his mind. 

When she caught wind of all the planning DB’s mother said “no way”. She wasn’t against a new dog per se, or even against this particular one, she was against having 2 at a time. 

A month or so of various persuasional tactics later, she was still adamant and DB’s dad more interested.

In January DB suggested we go to see whether she was still there and take some more pictures of her for his dad – a kind of secret mission to undermine his mother.

I went along for the ride – and to make sure he didn’t come home with a vanful of assorted homeless dogs.

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