On not yet getting a dog – part 6

The second walk was on a Sunday. On the following Monday DB phoned me from work, excited like a little kid who’d been invited to a birthday party.

Turns out the RC had not only received the blood test results, but the vet had also been and pronounced P fit – as long as she continued to take her medicine.

DB suggested he leave work early to pick her up immediately but they turned him down – they’re closed to the public on Mondays so although the RC staff were around, the secretary/reception desk staff/people who deal with the paperwork weren’t.

DB had to work all week (duh!) but I was still home on sick leave (more on that later) so he’d told them I’d pick her up as soon as they opened on Tuesday….Was that ok?


– !!! –


DB went back to whatever he’d been working on and I set about rearranging the house.

We have lots of open shelving, and although nothing was unwrapped I figured having food at dog-nose-level was probably not a good plan.

Dog-proofing the house turned out to be a bigger job than I’d anticipated and involved emptying and refilling boxes, tubs, packets, jars, shelves and cupboards. Things were piled on the floor, carried from one room to another, thrown away, poured or tipped together, reorganised, rediscovered, redistributed.

Just as I’d reached the middlest, messiest stage of the process DB arrived home. He took one look at the carnage, fought his way to the sofa and stayed there, feet tucked up well out of range of vacuum-cleaner, until the coast was clear and the house was tidy.

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