On planting my lunch

A seed fell out of my lunch yesterday:

It had already started growing, so I planted it. (People without access to compost and plant pots in their lunch break are obviously missing out 😉 *)

Even if I don’t really have room for an apple tree in my garden, I figured it should have a chance to do its thing. And there are always other people with bigger gardens if it ever gets too big for a tub.

Then I opened the other seed cavities and found two more ready-germinated seeds, so I planted them too.

In a couple of years I’ll need a volunteer who’s willing to host my orchard :).
* I only do as of yesterday morning – my tomato plants were shooting up without enough light to make them strong. The office at work faces mostly south, which is often a pain, but is probably good for the tomatoes…

2 thoughts on “On planting my lunch

  1. Don’t forget to let us know when you harvest your first crop! As I come from what is know as The Apple Isle I will presume to tell you that an apple tree can be grown in a pot as far as I know-IF the pot is large enough to accommodate it of course! Planting seeds is a lot of fun even if you can’t keep the emerging tree.

    1. 🙂 I will! I hope you’re patient! 😉

      I love planting things, and I love it when they start growing and when they flower and/or fruit. I’m not so good at looking after my plants in between times though, unfortunately…

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