On the best thing about having one’s own freezer

You can fill it with icecream – and it’s nobody’s business but your own 🙂

A couple of years ago, the last tenant bought a fridge freezer unit to fit the kitchen, and because it’s a weird size, she left it here when she left.

If it was officially made part of the flat’s inventory, the landlord would be responsible for making sure it works which he didn’t want to be or do.

Getting rid of it in order to buy a new one would be ridiculous, so he offered it to me, for free, to use as long as it lives (and to theoretically take with me when I leave).

So it’s mine.

And it’s full of ice cream 🙂

(And pizza, though that’s not as exciting)


Once upon a time, in my other flat, I had a chest freezer… Theoretically I still do, it’s just 50 miles away and full of sensible things like homemade ready meals and bread which need eating before it’s moveable. It’s huge, and that’s good too, in a different way from the tiny one I have here. The best thing about it is always having space for leftovers 🙂 and having loads of things to choose from when you don’t feel like cooking.


Back to the ice cream.

When your house is full of boxes and things that need cleaning, sometimes the best thing to do is find something to lean on, and lean on it while you eat ice cream directly out of the tub and look at all the things you will do ‘later’…

Which is what I spent a very pleasant half hour or so doing just now 🙂

9 thoughts on “On the best thing about having one’s own freezer

    1. Yup 🙂 Freedom (with icecream) is better than a lack of freedom (and a shiny cage)… Freedom is pretty good even without the icecream.
      Ranking all the other things according to priority is proving more difficult though (but I will carry on muddling through)

    2. Hehe! Yeah, freedom is pretty high on the list 🙂 That includes the freedom to eat icecream for breakfast if I want to, or not eat any for a week, both with no questions asked 🙂

    1. I now have an even better stash 🙂 doesn’t look so good tho. A tub each of “homemade” rhubarb and mint-choc-chip icecream 🙂 from one of my favourite icecream shops. The tubs are boring, but the content certainly isn’t! 🙂

  1. Ice cream is one of the best things in life. I would eat it everyday if I didn’t have a house full of people who would make nasty remarks about lips and hips and so on. Eat up!

    1. This (yours) was the 1400th comment 🙂 🙂
      I think the nasty people should stop being nasty.. Then you could eat icecream exactly when you wanted to. I don’t even want to every day, now that I can. (but I still do quite a lot, because as you said, icecream is one of the best things :))

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