On damselflies in December

She must have hitched a ride with the pondweed… The aquarium water must feel like summer, too bad my flat isn’t sunny and warm really! 😉

2 thoughts on “On damselflies in December

    1. If you mean am I letting her stay, then yes, I’m keeping her ? It’s way too cold to send her outside… I have no idea how long she’ll last in here tho

      I’m not entirely sure she’s a damselfly and not a dragonfly, but I think she is. As far as I know, damselflies have much thinner bodies than dragonflies. Having said that, both damselflies and dragonflies get lumped together and called dragonflies in England so I could be wrong.

      If she’s what I think she is, she won’t get any bigger. Her wings should probably be a bit more structural, and a little bit further apart… it seems like it wasn’t warm enough to pump her wings out properly.. she has only flown a couple of feet, since yesterday.

      She’s not on the surface of the water, but she’s staying close to it, so far.. I (luckily) have a shortage of moskitoes in my flat, so I don’t know what she’ll eat ?

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