On sleeping through seminars

It seems as soon as I enter a lecture theatre I fall asleep..

At the very latest when they turn on the beamer and start talking.

It’s not quite full on sleeping, just dozing off and waking up a few seconds later when my head jolts back up, but it’s frustrating to be completely incapable of listening to someone talk about their research for 40 minutes without falling asleep.

The room wasn’t too warm or too cold, and neither too light nor too dark. The topics were interesting and complicated and the speakers were anything but monotone.

I think I might have a bigger sleep-deficit than I’d imagined..


Anyone got any good ideas for staying awake?

6 thoughts on “On sleeping through seminars

  1. A good night’s sleep beforehand if you can manage it might help. I do this waiting for the weather forecasts to come on after the news but you are too young. You don’t have sleep apnea do you?

    1. I don’t know what apnea is, so I can’t say if I don’t have it… But I really should sleep more at night. I’m working on it..

  2. Avoiding — whenever possible — lectures on subjects you’re not truly interested in… and getting adequate rest is vital. Of course, that requires some discipline… and as someone who is always inclined to stay up later than I should, I can’t personally testify to the benefits of getting sufficient rest.

    1. Hey! Welcome go my world!

      Getting enough sleep is so hard! I do notice things are easier if I manage it tho..

      In that particular case it was a seminar with several days of lectures and several [long] evenings of socialising.. I have no idea how that’s supposed to work…

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