On having Murcian Churros for breakfast

Lots of Murcians (and possibly lots of other Spaniards) have Churros for breakfast.

Churros are like pieces of deepfried (oozing) doughnut-dough rings. Here, you dip them into thick, custard-like, rich hot chocolate.

When in Murcia, do as the Murcians do.

So I did. And here they are:

10 thoughts on “On having Murcian Churros for breakfast

    1. Of course you can! 🙂
      I’ve even bought some of the chocolate they make it out of so I can make it at home 🙂

      How was the rest of the trip to Italy? I hope you enjoyed yourself loads – and got home in one piece 😉

      1. It was wonderful, visited France, Switzerland,Corsica and Sardinia too, courtesy of daughter and son in law. Plenty of walking, swimming and even learned to snorkel! But the long flight from Aussie is more to be endured than enjoyed.

        1. Sounds like a fantastic trip ? Glad you enjoyed it. Were there lots of fish to watch where you went snorkeling? I’ve never got past the stage where I start enjoying myself and think snorkeling’s a great idea and then take a deep breath of sea water because I’ve gone too deep. That repeats a couple of times and I lose interest until the next time I have the opportunity to try.. Hope you had more luck/success 🙂
          How long’s the flight?

    1. Not even adding chocolate? 🙂
      It was pretty stunning (these particular ones were a bit too greasy, but the idea is fantastic).

      I haven’t seen you here before – welcome to my world! 🙂

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