On SatNags and Maps

I wrote this ages ago, but somehow never got round to posting it… *** Last summer, DB and I went on a road trip along the south coast of England in a weird and wonderful VW van. The van is truly wonderful in all sorts of ways, but its weirder habits are a little bit […]

On Advent decorations – part 4

<- part 3 You can’t just be traditional, you have to do some outlandish things sometimes. My Christmas box had been ignored. This is the result: The dark bit in the middle is the skylight, and the light isn’t the moon it’s a handblown*, handpainted*, hand-put-together* glowing bauble. My curtain stars are hanging away from […]

On Advent decorations – part 1

Once upon a time I lived in a house where we didn’t think about Christmas until all the birthdays were over (mid December). We had a huge (to a small child) box in the attic marked “Christmas”. It was brought downstairs a few days in advance, so we could walk round it and my parents […]

On christmas food shopping

It’s still a week before advent starts. That means it’s still at least a month until Christmas. The shops have been selling Christmas food since September. We’ve been avoiding everything Christmassy, in an effort to single (double) handedly change the way supermarkets plan their year. It’s’s a tactic I’ve been trying for a few years […]

On Christmas trees and traditions

Most people would probably think of baubles presents or sparkly sweet wrappers if you asked them for a Christmas tree tradition. Some might have a decorating ritual, or a special stand. Some might go out into the forest and cut their own. The DB has his own tradition. The tree hides, or tries to hide, […]

On perfume shopping (part 2)

The perfume fiasco didn’t go unnoticed by my dearest DB. We didn’t have enough time to rectify the situation before the wedding and I thought I’d got away without buying one until we were on the boat to England a couple of weeks later. The trouble with ferries is they are equipped with dutyfree shops […]

On perfume shopping (part 1)

– or shopping with SD continued- I’ve experimented with perfume even less than with make-up. I hate it when people leave scent trails, unless they’re REALLY good ones, and then I stalk them MWAHAHAHAHAA!!! No. I don’t really stalk people. I’m just really fussy about the ones I would stalk if it was down to […]