On one-upmanship

My dad’s arms are this big!

My dad’s are much bigger – and stronger..

Mine’s been training; working out and everything.

Mine’s been training for 10 years – chin-ups every morning before work.

Mine’s got legs like trees

Mine doesn’t bother about his legs – he says no one can see them in the club. He’s got the strongest arms though.

etc etc etc

round and round in circles


I know it’s a thing, because it happens in loads of books featuring kids on playgrounds, but until half an hour ago, I don’t remember ever hearing anyone showing off with their respective dads’ strength for real, especially never amongst 20(ish) year olds…

On getting fitter from the outside in


I’ve been drinking this herbal fitness tea for a while now, and I don’t seem to be much fitter yet..

Yesterday I poured most of a cup onto my leg instead of into my mouth, maybe it has more potency that way! I can hope, right?!