On having beans-around-toast for dinner

There are some days when I go shopping on the way home from work and come back with a bag full of ingredients and a head full of ideas for dinner. Days when I look forward to peeling and chopping and frying and mixing.

And then there are days like today.

A day where I get home, fall into a chair and only think about moving when I realise it’s dark and I’m hungry.

A day when washing up a saucepan* in order to heat up a tin of beans feels like too much work.

A day on which sitting at the table with a knife and fork trying to keep the beans from flying across the kitchen is a daunting prospect and wielding a cheese grater something unimaginably difficult.

On days like today I cheat.

I tear the toast into pieces, dropping them directly into the saucepan** with the beans, and crumble a piece of cheese on top with my hands. Then I stir it with a wooden spoon until everything is a big sticky lumpy orange mess. And then I go back to my chair and eat it. Out of the saucepan.

And then I call it a day and go to bed, leaving the unwashed saucepan on the counter in the kitchen..

Night all! 🙂

* edit: one I didn’t wash up after using it last time..

** For anyone wondering, yes, I washed the saucepan first, before I started cooking. :p

On royal knackeredness

Happy Three Kings day! 🙂

It doesn’t say where they came from, but it was probably a long way, and I bet they were knackered when they finally reached Bethlehem.

Unlike me, who is knackered without excuse. DB and I spent the day driving round the island, stopping whenever it looked interesting. Hardly physically strenuous.

This morning, like pretty much every other morning we’ve been here, we didn’t get up until gone 10am. It’s not quite 8:30pm now and I’m back in bed. I can’t work out how I can be so knackered from doing so little, but hey. There it is. And I slept for a couple of hours before dinner too….


Tomorrow I get to meet the Spanish eye doctor – hopefully everything’s good and I can stop, or at least reduce, the eye drops 🙂 (I have to wake up in an hour and a half for the last dose of the day).

G’night peeps!

P.s. Thank you all for all the comments on the last few posts. I will hopefully be able to reply tomorrow when I visit someone with wifi 🙂