On having beans-around-toast for dinner

There are some days when I go shopping on the way home from work and come back with a bag full of ingredients and a head full of ideas for dinner. Days when I look forward to peeling and chopping and frying and mixing.

And then there are days like today.

A day where I get home, fall into a chair and only think about moving when I realise it’s dark and I’m hungry.

A day when washing up a saucepan* in order to heat up a tin of beans feels like too much work.

A day on which sitting at the table with a knife and fork trying to keep the beans from flying across the kitchen is a daunting prospect and wielding a cheese grater something unimaginably difficult.

On days like today I cheat.

I tear the toast into pieces, dropping them directly into the saucepan** with the beans, and crumble a piece of cheese on top with my hands. Then I stir it with a wooden spoon until everything is a big sticky lumpy orange mess. And then I go back to my chair and eat it. Out of the saucepan.

And then I call it a day and go to bed, leaving the unwashed saucepan on the counter in the kitchen..

Night all! 🙂

* edit: one I didn’t wash up after using it last time..

** For anyone wondering, yes, I washed the saucepan first, before I started cooking. :p

9 thoughts on “On having beans-around-toast for dinner

      1. I’m going back and replying to all the comments I missed over the summer. This one of yours landed in my spam folder..
        “Oh, you naughty lady you! I’m the dish washer in our house and am a little OCD, and have to wash up as soon as possible after finishing the meal.”
        I can’t figure out how to get it out of the spam folder and back where it belongs, so I cut and pasted it here instead.

        I’m currently the dish washer in my house (unless my guests take it upon themselves to do me a favour – one I thoroughly appreciate, incidentally), but I am totally not like you. ExDB was. He used to want everything cleared up and washed up and put away the very moment the last person put down their fork. My opinion is that’s fine if you’re eating by yourself or in silence, I just found (and find) it infuriatingly disruptive to conversation, especially if we had guests over for dinner. I much prefer to wait until there’s a natural pause in the conversation and, depending on the guest, either stack everything up out of the way and come back to it later when they’ve gone home (like the next evening :p) or hand them a cloth and ask them to put the big stuff away as I wash it (everything that fits on the drying rack can dry by itself 🙂 ).
        If I’m eating by myself it depends how tired I am when I finish eating. It is something I plan to do better one day tho 😉

    1. I don’t remember if the very next day was better, but there have been a lot of better days since then 🙂
      I wish you didn’t know the feeling, but I’m kind of glad I’m not alone in the experience.

    1. I can’t remember if this was your first comment.. 🙁
      If it was, welcome to my world. If it wasn’t, welcome back to my world 🙂

      I hope you got your beans soon after commenting 🙂

      I do really like them, even if I would normally add fries onions and bits of ham or bacon to the mix.

    1. I wish none of us had to.. Although I suppose it makes us enjoy the good days more 🙂

      I can’t face them cold – I would bail and eat my toast bean-free..

      Thank you for your supportive comment, I read and appreciated it at the time, even though I didn’t reply. I wish you an abundance of hot-bean days :).

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