On social inneptness

(however that’s spelled)


Move house more than once as a kid?

Have unregular mealtimes? and bedtimes?

Live ‘out in the country’?

Ever not have ‘the Thing’ eveyone had?

Been homeschooled?


If you have artistic parents give yourself several bonus points.


I was witness to a remarkable discussion this lunchtime where any one of the factors above make your chances of becoming an intergrated member of the community slightly smaller than that of a colony of Giraffes moving to the south pole to chase the butterflies. (they went on to say that anyone who gets run over by a bus can only blame themselves, and that death is better than disability, but that’s not relevant to the post)

If you can tick more (or all) of the boxes, just get out. Don’t even bother looking at the drawer, never mind climbing into it. 🙂

Welcome to the world of social inneptness 🙂 Or community disability. Or something equal to horrifyingly-unable-to-fit-in.

What they said sucked.. but you know what? On balance, I think I’m pretty happy not squeezing myself into any drawer which contains people who make such statements.

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  1. I moved house once as a kid, it was before I even went to primary school. My meal times are reasonably regular, apart from when I visit your home, or the boy cooks. I live in a town. I can’t remember wanting anything that everybody else had and not being allowed it, unless you count a parent to collect you from primary school. I have never been home schooled. Whilst my dad is extremely creative it is much more in a practical way than an artistic manner.

    Regarding buses, they are lethal creatures.

    Have you seen your brothers picture of a giraffe that looks like a duck?

  2. OOOH!! I award you with negative points for not being able to tick any box at all… I suppose you must be incredibly integrated then? Everyone loved you and still loves you and everything works for you. Actually that’s just guesswork. I am so far off the social-inneptitude scale I don’t know what happens when you’re on it… *grins*

    And I haven’t seen the picture.. I’ll have to ask him about it.

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