On baby fish – part 3

(Late March 2014) At 3 1/2 weeks old, baby fish are still really really small, as in, small enough to be barely measured in millimetres.. They are also incredibly fast swimmers. Adult discus fish can swim fast but don’t very often, they can spend hours practically not moving. The babies didn’t spend 3 seconds not […]

On bookshelves

I moved to Berlin in January. Most of my things moved in after me. Most of them still live in the boxes we moved them in. For the last few months my bookcase looked like this: No[t much] longer! First, the DB chose a good space for a bookcase. Then we measured it. Then I […]

On walking the last miles home

It’s very strange to be walking back to somewhere that in a few hours will no longer be ‘home’. I left the party just before midnight, walking the stretch of road from the station to my flat. At just gone midday I was on the road with the last of my possessions on the way […]

On decorating

My new room’s* usable!! 🙂 After weeks of shopping, drawing, discussing, clearing out, cutting, painting, and washing every flat surface numerous times, my new “creative corner” is usable 🙂 Notice how I didn’t say finished… There’s still a whole lot to be done. Things like putting pictures up, buying a rug, putting up (read: sweet […]

On social inneptness

(however that’s spelled)   Move house more than once as a kid? Have unregular mealtimes? and bedtimes? Live ‘out in the country’? Ever not have ‘the Thing’ eveyone had? Been homeschooled?   If you have artistic parents give yourself several bonus points.   I was witness to a remarkable discussion this lunchtime where any one […]