On unexpected happy endings

There are at least 2 that spring to mind instantly.

1) The people I was going to go skating with phoned me afterwards to see if I was feeling good enough to let them come over anyway. The meat had apparently defrosted and it’d be a shame to waste it, especially if I’d tidied up 😛

So they came and there was space for them (and the barbecue) and I think a good time was had by all. It was almost 11pm by the time they arrived, the last coming at almost 2am because of working late. We ate in 2 sittings because we didn’t want to wait so long before starting. I think I fell asleep while they were eating the second time but it didn’t matter too much, thankfully my guests are used to entertaining themselves ;). I was woken up to yet another glass of Baileys and a foot massage – can’t be bad. I (and all who wanted to stay) eventually went to bed at about 5am. Not quite the early night I was expecting, but I don’t regret it. It makes me more certain planning’s not my thing though!

2) The ‘other guy‘ from work came to my workshop to apologise.

He’d thought about it and decided that despite not really changing his mind about what he’d said, it was none of his business and that he was going to keep out of it from now on :). It’s amazing what an apology can do to straighten things out between people.

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