On a platform strewn with confetti hearts

I missed what happened, I just saw the aftermath – a million (more or less) shiny red hearts. I don’t know why they were there, but it made an otherwise unmemorable platform a little bit more special. Do people get engaged on platforms of busy stations? Married? Set off on their honeymoon? Are some people […]

On momentary connection

Usually, when I get on the train in the morning, it’s full of other people who are all minding their own business, and presumably trying to wake up before they get to work. People read if they have space to hold a book or a phone, or stare out of the window if they don’t. […]

On not listening

A: “I like bananas, they have such nice yellow skin”. B: “But tomatoes are red! And have seeds”. A: “yes, I do love yellow bananas”. B: “I hate it when I get the seeds stuck in my teeth!” *** About 3 minutes ago, I was sitting in a bar, eavesdropping two people deeply involved in […]

On hurt feelings – part 2

I recently posted this: “There’s a fine line between holding your tongue so as not to hurt other peoples’ feelings, and letting people hurt yours.. I’m too sleepy to be articulate right now, but I’m pretty sure I need to work on finding that line and learning to walk along it.” I thought I’d written, […]

On finally phoning

Why is it so hard to phone people? Yesterday I phoned someone I’d been meaning to phone for more than a week. I got the number from a friend, and left it sitting in a message, instead of pasting it in to the phone part of my phone, the part which I probably use least, […]

On friendship and ignoration

Friendship is one of those things that should be easier than it is. Sometimes I think I’ve figured it out, and then BAM! I’ve buggered it up. Or they have. Whichever. It still sucks. And just as we get over whatever problem there was, something else happens. Round and round and round (though not so […]

On intolerance and trains

I would like to believe that I am a tolerant person. However. Commuting seems to bring out my intolerant side. Some things are especially infuriating. Take, for example, bikers. People who ride bikes. Most of my life I held the opinion that cycling was generally a good thing to do. Environmentally friendly and all that. […]

On writing Revision Cards

I have decided to be super organised. Not as organised as I said I would be in October, but still a good sight better than I sometimes am. I have exams in the last week of July. My last ‘block’ (46-50 hours of lessons) is the first week of July. Usually I would finish the […]

On plans, mice and men

On Plans (especially the best-laid ones): I was up really early today. I guess it ‘helped’ that I hadn’t slept so well, and that I’d got a text in the middle of the night so my phone flashed all night (which it also does just before the alarm rings). I got up, dressed, had breakfast…and […]

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