On solidarity and other fragile things

I used to think solidarity was a good thing.. you know, back in the days of people helping each other and that kind of good thing.

A string of recent events have caused me to rethink this long-standing opinion…

I’m working on my masterpiece. We were allowed to start in the middle of August, and have to be finished in the middle of November.

I chose a pretty hard thing to make, because masterpieces are supposed to be impressive, aren’t they.

I had pretty high expectations and aims for how awesomely amazing this Glass Thing was going to look, and how awesomely amazing I would feel having made it.

2 and a half months later…

…I have made [and shredded] at least 10 would-be-masterpieces and several more half-baked attempts.

Each one has died a different death.

Every time I get anywhere, something breaks, and everything else decides it wants to break too in some kind of sympathetic suicide mission, and I’m left with a pile of sparkling glass shards.

Tomorrow, I think, hope and pray to get at least one, better 2 masterpieces completed.

My original goal of perfection has turned into wanting it to stay in one piece…

This almost sums it up.

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  1. I can relate to that comic! Made me laugh on an otherwise miserable day. Don’t give up, the practice will mean you eventually have a ‘perfect’ one. Practice makes perfect!

    1. Normally I’d agree with you – but in this case practise just makes frustrated…

      I’m normally pretty far up the frustrating side of the perfectionist scale, but I’m sliding further into “I-don’t-much-care-what-it-looks-like-anymore,-I-want-a-weekend-off!” mode than I ever thought possible….

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