On the moment of truth

I wrote here almost exactly a year and a half ago to say that I was starting school again. I’m writing now to say that I’m [hopefully] about to finish school. My last exam starts in less than half an hour (ARGH!). It’s an oral defence of my thesis, followed by a whole lot of […]

On “re: vision”

I have an exam on Saturday. Actually. That’s not true. I have 2 exams* on Saturday. The date’s been set for several months, but somehow I managed to ignore how fast time slips away when you’re not looking properly. A month ago I made a list of topics we’d covered, and topics we still needed […]

On a roll

I have a new job!! 🙂 I start in February 🙂 Gives me time to move house, go skiing and visit my folks before people expect great things of me 😉 and that in spite of being stuck in the current job until Christmas. Actually, that’s not bad either – it means I get paid […]

On solidarity and other fragile things

I used to think solidarity was a good thing.. you know, back in the days of people helping each other and that kind of good thing. A string of recent events have caused me to rethink this long-standing opinion… I’m working on my masterpiece. We were allowed to start in the middle of August, and have […]

On motivation.. (or lack of)

< something I wrote yesterday > “I work in a motivation vacuum. Any motivation I ever had, even what was stored in reserve, is sucked out of my being as soon as I walk through the doors. No matter how inspiring the weekend, how urgent the task at hand, the nagging and stropping of my […]